Promises, promises

That’s what you’ll be saying, when I promise to post a pic really soon of my Liesl (and my hair, if you want to see that too Miss Cindy).

I cast off on Sunday night about 10pm, and haven’t found two minutes that coincide with enough brain activity to be able to weave in ends with enough skill as to be a) invisible from the right side and b) likely to stay put. Rest assured that finishing my Liesl is pretty high up my knitting priority list, however surviving the first week of school with both sanity and professional reputation intact is even higher up my life priority list, so Liesl will just have to wait until the weekend.

I will leave you with a description of how I dress for comfort on these cool evenings –

  • linen floppy slacks
  • tshirt
  • purple uggies
  • waffle-wave white cotton dressing-gown that I sewed for myself years ago when preggers with #1 son
  • glorious turquoist, blue and purple Clapotis swathed around my shoulders to keep off the chill.

Now picture me sauntering outside in this get-up to hang out the washing, whilst dogs frolic at my ankles attempting to give me a uniquely paw-printed hemline!


3 thoughts on “Promises, promises

  1. The first week of school can turn the most prepared person into a snivelling wreck, so just surviving is a pretty good outcome. I am willing to wait, given the circumstances!!!
    I am wearing my green and aqua Daisy skirt, a dark aqua top and aqua green shoes.

  2. Get through week 1, photos can wait.
    I’m in my Mum uniform: Jeans with a rolled up hem so they are more 3/4 length ( a nod to both the warmer and wetter weather) and a t-shirt and the lovely go anywhere thongs. I’m a bit loath to give up on Summer yet so I’ll be rocking the thongs for as long as humanly possible! Oh and it’s early in the day so the t-shirt is currently sans stains 🙂

  3. Thank you! Week 1 over, and enjoying the long weekend. ‘Tis a glorious morning, and promises to be a lovely day. I may even need to remove my cardi, or (good heavens!) put on a short-sleeved tshirt!!!

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