Back to Work

School is beginning and my leisure time is correspondingly diminished… Eternal clockbut it has been much fun to catch up with work friends, there has been a lot of laughing going on this week alongside some really valuable staff learning sessions.

At home I have been picking some apricots – they are finally ripening, but there has been so much inconsistent weather that the poor things won’t be winning beauty prizes, and there are many that have to be thrown out due to brown rot. The vege patch has been given some attention, and is doing its best to grow some lovely beans and lettuce and rocket in return.

Knitting has its place – I am so very close to the end of my Liesl that I shouldn’t be blogging, I should be finishing it! But if I don’t grab this moment I will forget and then there would be no blogging and I’d feel guilty about that and the cycle would roll over me…. Also I got an ANCIENT UFO out of a tub, whacked on some hem around the armholes and called it a vest. It was gifted to a mother of young boys at snb, my son being too big to fit into it now that it is at last done! Next for the needles? I don’t know. I need to work on my Semi-precious Rosamund Cardi, but I also want a little sock action, and maybe some lace…

Windy washing day



Right now the sky is gloriously blue, there are big fluffy white-and-grey clouds shwooming overhead, and the breeze is rather fresh. Which reminds me: I’d better go and put some towels on the line. Catch you later!



3 thoughts on “Back to Work

  1. A week to go till school here, so there will be lots of frantic last minute catching up. Oh, I hope you finish The Liesl soon!!!

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