Follow Through – Finishing things (trying to, anyway)

I have just done the picot on the left sleeve of my new Liesl, and am about to pick up stitches for the right-hand sleeve. (Imagine a sleeve added in the photo) I am looking forward to finishing this, but am somewhat ambivalent about my chances of wearing it soon – the weather forecast keeps promising more reasonable days than we seem to be getting. When I got home this afternoon, I put the kids through the shower early and put myself into pyjamas and a dressing gown, only to see the pouring rain clear up 15 minutes later. It was the only blast of sunshine all day – and it didn’t last long either.
All this not-very-Australian “summer” is making me think of cardigans – light wool cardis, wool-blend cardis, those transitional pieces so useful in this climate. I’m hoping to catch some of the Yarn Harlot’s Finishitupitis and rock on through the rest of my Rosamund cardi – perhaps if I try it on and see how well I’m doing? Fighting that however is the itch to cast on new things – I have been sorting my stash for StashDownUnder reasons, and have found more than NINE cardigan’s worth of individual yarns (when I feel more courageous I may even post a list. Maybe.) Several of those planned items would be perfect for this unsatisfactory weather. I think that despite the tub full of UFOs and WIPS unearthed in the big organisational stash-toss I will allow myself to cast on something new with a gloriously rich purple wool-cotton yarn ONCE I have finished this second sleeve.
Oh, and I need more socks. I don’t mind darning heels and toes, but I have worn holes in the soles (it rhymes!) of a couple of pairs of socks from my early foray into this arcane art, and must perforce knit myself some new ones. Which brings me to tossing through the sockyarn stash and various sock UFOs. I don’t know whether I will have a definite number of sock projects to list – some of the yarns would make lovely shawlettes – hmm, now there’s an idea that is perfect for this weather!

Now I bid you all good evening, as I go in search of food, a glass of wine, and the opportunity to sook for a little longer before bending my brain towards preparing for tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Follow Through – Finishing things (trying to, anyway)

  1. Your Liesl looks great!
    If it makes you feel better, I have at least 14 cardigan’s worths of yarn. That I can think of off the top of my head. Including for another Liesl. And sock yarn…let’s not go there!

  2. You should try it Bells – with your affinity for lace projects, I’m sure you’ll have a ball!

    And thank you RoseRed – I’m working on the second sleeve tonight in between wrangling children and sorting out the kitchen and so on and so forth.
    However your kind words are undeserved – I may not have been entirely honest re the total number of cardigans… especially since I haven’t counted the 4ply in yet (at least two there…) – oh and an alpaca (not *live*, just a bag of rich purple 8ply)

  3. Next pair of socks should be green. Just saying…giggle. Stop rifling the stash and just knit!

    That Liesl does look beautiful. Is it finished yet??

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