Vicarious Knitting and Fibre-fondling

I have been a little busy running around with children for the past few days, and haven’t continued anything, nor started a very necessary face washer, since Wednesday’s slipper success. The upside is that this has allowed time for baking, and reduced that nagging edge in my right elbow that I get when I knit too much. (note: there were extra children in the house, I have no intention of eating all of the baking myself)

Instead, I have been surfing Rav, and contemplating other people’s projects, and came across a wonderful post from Mochimochiland – the home of the original pictures of the World’s Biggest Stash. This new post interviews the owner of The Stash (it requires capitals), and inspires in me a complicated mix of joy, envy, awe, desire and utter incomprehension. Please go and read the whole story.



4 thoughts on “Vicarious Knitting and Fibre-fondling

  1. I saw that on another blog: oh my word!!!
    Hope your knitting elbow gets better soon, maybe it is going out in sympathy with the tennis (elbows)!!

  2. Pretty sure I saw the original stash photos, couldn’t remember whether she intended to increase or decrease the stash although it now does appear bigger LOL!
    Hope that elbow quiets down for you it really can’t be fun to have that annoying you when you are trying to knit 😦

  3. Lovel the FOs and love the slippers – must get to those

    Have been knitting furiously from stash – but keep changing my mind about what knitting to take on holiday – 3 pairs of socks seems rather excessive (linked as it was with 3 shawls and a mythos) – so perhaps I should borrow your follow through?

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