The fastest pair of Granny slippers ever! (once you remove the three weeks in the middle) The first slipper was mostly knit in the car on the way from St Helens to Latrobe – an afternoon’s effort, with the toe being finished that evening after dinner. The second slipper was pursued whilst I hosted a knitterly gathering yesterday, then I finished the toe during a visit to a friend’s house this afternoon.

Two Slippers!

One Slipper!

The pattern is one of those ancient two-needle staples, garter from heel to decrease section, decrease along seams to toe, then sew up toe and top of foot, sew heel seam and voila! There are a number of similar patterns in Ravelry, but they all seem to have a ribbed toe. Basically for these you grab two or three yarns, knit a garter rectangle with purl ditches for foldlines, then decrease towards toe and sew up. Nothing too trendy, but glory are they quick and easy!!!

Yarn 1: Cleckheaton Country 12ply (maroon) from ancient UFO and stash

Yarn 2: Heirloom Aristocrat 8ply mohair (eggplant) from stash

Needles: 4.5mm bamboo.


7 thoughts on “Slippers-a-go-go!

  1. very cute. Inspires me to finish my Granny slippers. (Mine don’t have the decreases for the toe just draw up all stitches and fasten off).

  2. I think I might have to knit a bucket full! My day carer from years ago used to have a bucket full at the back door, for each of the little people to wear inside. Now that I have moved Purl downstairs and have new carpet, there seem to be lots of big visitors every day and they aren’t allowed to wear shoes in the house!

  3. Thanks everyone!
    * yes they are very comfy!
    * these are my spring/summer/autumn slippers – in winter I have big purple uggies, remember?
    * glad to inspire others (Wen and AmandaJ) 🙂 I’m feeling the slipper love now, and want _more_!
    * and thanks to Mel, I think these must be my Ruby Home Slippers ;P

  4. Just what I need in this humid, rainy autumn weather! Tonight my feet were cold and clammy but my slippers (ugh boots) are too warm.

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