Work In Progress

Glorious sunny day here today, the kind of day where you just have to get outside and do something.

In my case, that would (unfortunately) be getting outside and scrubbing all the timber-ish venetians in the house. The MOMD is assisting by taking down and hanging up as needed, and is currently concocting a set of hooks in the carport for hanging some up to dry. So, there you have some follow-through on my intent to seriously clean the house.

My other intent for today is to get some rows done on my new Liesl. It keeps trying to distress me by adding a yarn over, or doing one too many knit 1s and throwing out my pattern four rows later, or having a knot in the yarn three inches before the end of the row. But I will not be beaten by thsi project!!!!!! I WILL WIN!!!

Ahem. I’d better finish this cuppa and get back to work.


2 thoughts on “Work In Progress

  1. That’s a big and horrid job, so good luck and I hope they dry quickly!!
    Damn that Liesl, deliberately queering your pitch. You shall indeed conquer the dastardly pattern. I don’t know why I am talking like this??

  2. I have great sympathy for you with your Liesl, my Travelling Woman was giving me some gyp in the last 10 rows I kept having to yank out 2-3 rows to fix errors because they were in the end of row increases…the buggers. Stick with it, you’ll win, definitely!

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