That would be 2 Finished Objects!!

New cardi, new skirt - strike a pose!

New cardi, new skirt - strike a pose!

Modelled by Miss 4, who has obviously learned to pose for fashion shoots, are a new skirt and an old-new cardi.

The skirt is a simple gathered skirt from Amy Butler fabric (which I appear to have made upside down. Still pretty though). I’m thinking of adding a little broderie anglaise around the hem. As you can see, it is long enough to last her for years!

The cardi is one I finished last year, but I dithered about calling it done because I picked up too many stitches on one side of the neckline, so it ruffles a bit. However on Thursday I told myself to get real, bought some buttons with the assistance of herself, then Friday took it to a knitterly bonus meetup and sewed on buttons, crocheted button-loops, wove in ends and called it Done.

Pattern: general raglan instructions. (, and

Cotton: Anchor Magicline, sadly discontinued now, I think 4 balls.

Lace on sleeves and skirt: number 111, p44, in Knitting Patterns 300 Japanese stitch dictionary.




6 thoughts on “Two-for-One

  1. Is it really discontinued?? What a shame. It is gorgeous and well worth the effort and the skirt is so pretty and it will fit her fr ages with some broderie anglaise peeping out. She looks so beautifully co-ordinated!!!

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