Ahem – Attention please!

I would like to announce that having finished some contracted marking work, I am now

a) going to enjoy my holidays for a while and
b) looking forward to planning my trip to the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show with my wages and
c) going to roll around in my stash in the meantime.

Furthermore I recognise that:
a) I have more than enough stash to last me several years
b) I have more than enough WIPs to keep me going for several years
c) I need to make room for Bendi spending

Therefore I have joined the StashDownUnder 2011 group on Ravelry, a group of Antipodean Knitters with more yarn than they really know what to do with, and the stated intention of making at least a small reduction in the pressure of all those skeins stashed in tubs and bags, lost in limbo as they await their turn to leap onto our needles to be transformed and reveal their true destinies!!!!


So, to Follow Through with this Intent, I cast on a new Liesl with a navy linen/cotton blend yarn picked up at the Big Spot on sale a year or two ago. I have tried to find something for this yarn for a while, because it is splitty and inelastic but promises to flop beautifully, and mid-bodice I am feeling hopeful! I have used 100gm, and still have 200gms so I’m sure I can manage a cardi with elbow sleeves with this lacy pattern!

Also I have created a KnitMeter button for myself, to try to get some accountability / incentivation / concrete recognition of my achievements.

NB looking for a funky picture tagged ‘attention’ I found this:

Attention sign found via FlickrCC : Original image: ‘IMG_8265
by: Stefan Urbanek

Mosaic Car image: Original image: ‘Motion Manifiesto III
by: Polo


6 thoughts on “Ahem – Attention please!

  1. Sooo, somebody ruined a whole bunch of perfectly good Mexican tiles by sticking them all over a crappy old car? Not cool – they would have made a really nice kitchen benchtop.

    Re: the topic at hand – Ooh, ooh! Can I play too? I reeeeeeaaaaally need to work down the stash. The fabric as well as the yarn.

    And YYYYYAAAAAYYYYY!!!!! Kate’s coming to Bendi! We shall happy shimmy dance together!

    • Hmm, well, I *am* going that far – I have in the last couple of years shamelessly indulged my unseemly love of the markdown table at the Doomlight of Spot, so I really need to stash down the fabric, too. Plus, you know how there are times when all your clothes give up the ghost all at once? I’m having one of those times at the moment.

      You know what? I really need to be posting this on my blog, don’t I? 😉

  2. Well done with your intent and you must be glad the marking is over and you have your outside of proper money, money!!
    I think I have ten cardigans worth of wool, and so I also have the intention of trying to use it up before I buy more. I love the wool I have, which is why I bought it in the first place, but new and shinier wool grabs my attention!!

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