Clean sweep – well, a quick brush at least

Thank you to Leonie, KissMyFrog and Cindy2Paw for their comments on my New Year’s Intent! I began by cleaning the fridge – I tend to do that twice a year, but this is a great time to do it because a) I don’t freeze to death and b) I had emptied it as much as possible before going away, so not too much to move in order to take out the shelves. Now my fridge is shiny sparkly clean, and I can clutter it up as much as I like! Next will be the freezer – I like to clear it out twice a year too, just so nothing too ancient gets hidden down the bottom. There are only a few things left in there to use up and then I’ll be head-down bum-up trying not to fall in completely! Oh, and that would be the chest freezer beside the fridge – whilst the fridge freezer will also be cleaned out, I do not anticipate any similar dangers.

1950s Frigidaire Refrigerator Vintage Kitchen Advertisement Illustration

Also I have embarked on the Great Clean-Up. We have been in this house for 4 years now, and the urge to clean cannot be denied! For most of my life we moved every two years, so nothing ever had time to get really dusty because we cleaned up and moved on. I have to learn how to set my own cleaning schedules now, and apparently 4 years is my breaking point! I vacuumed cornices today, and will be getting hubby to take down light fittings on the weekend, and hopefully all the timber venetian blinds too – they are in DIRE need of a good scrub! The kitchen walls need attention, as does the bathroom. I will have to find money to have the carpet cleaned – small children are not kind to carpets…

So, that is one intention for this year – to get my house in order. And I have made a start.

Now for a nice cuppa 🙂


4 thoughts on “Clean sweep – well, a quick brush at least

  1. That’s a lovely painting of you and the MOYD!!! You both scrub up well. That’s a great start to cleaning your house, I have to break out the de-cobwebbing thing soon. I am being slightly overrun!!

  2. Just be careful – high heels on those glassy-slick tiles can only end badly. 😉

    I have similar ambitions. My own fridge-cleaning endeavour will take place next week on garbage-bin day.

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