Happy New Year!

Hi folks! I hope you have all been enjoying the beginning of a new year in whatever fashion seems best to you.

We have enjoyed a very relaxing break away from household cares, followed by a fun few days staying with my friend Tink in northern Tasmania, and now we are back home. Although there have been photos taken, and knitting vigorously pursued (mostly in the car), the pictorial contributions will have to wait.

For now I will respond to KissMyFrog‘s first post for 2011: Not Resolutions.

I was talking to my mother on New Year’s Eve, and she listed her Resolutions, but I was loath to make sweeping statements of any kind due to an intimate acquaintance with my own slackadaisical attitude to pursuing any such resolutions, or even remembering that there had been resolve in the first place. Instead I’m going to pinch a word from Leonie, and have an intent.

My intent for 2011 is to Follow Through.

This could be following through with my plans to knit a Ruby Red Twist to wear to Bendi in July, or my plans to knit more socks, or my hope of cooking more things which are new to me each month, or of being a little less self-indulgent about the waist, or to ride my new bike more, or to tidy up my desk at work and find a way to maintain a reasonable level of organisation thereupon….

Whatever the plan or idea or project, I want to remind myself to Follow Through.

There’s enough intent in those two words to fill a lifetime, I’m thinking, so watch out 2011!!!!


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. I think your intent to follow through will be a very successful one. I think there are a lot of people who do Not Resolutions, I do!! They are less stressful and for me, more successful. Happy cardigan knitting!!! I should follow through and finish my Stargate cardi and then I can start a new one!!

  2. Holy cow, Kate, those two words go beyond “Intent” or even “Resolution” – they are bordering on “Manifesto”!

    Likewise, I’ve been threatening for two years or more now to knit myself that Updated Old Classic. I’d like to Follow Through on that before next Bendi. We shall see.

  3. Love the simple ones that can apply to almost everything!

    A couple of years ago mine was “Take Action” and it made me more likely to start and finish things that I wouldn’t normally try. It was great.

    Hope your resolution works out for you, the Twist looks lovely and in Ruby Red would be perfect for you. Have you cast on yet?

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