Yarn Gods Scupper Plans For Family Outing.

We were planning to go to the Carols by Candlelight this evening, the big one with Jay Laga’ia as special guest. I spent a large part of today planning and preparing a picnic repast, and contemplating casting on a new garter stitch washcloth in light-coloured cotton, so as to knit in the flickering dark, whilst designing and knitting a long-awaited tea cosy for my pumpkin coach teapot.

Miffed by my deviation from the One True Path, the Yarn Gods said No.

The afternoon’s ominous clouds have turned into rain that is travelling downriver, having soaked our suburb it is now (according to radar tracker on weatherzone) raining all along the western shore of the Derwent, right down to Margate, and therefore is quite likely to be soaking the park at Lower Sandy Bay quite thoroughly.

Miss 7 was looking pale and unhappy and told me how she felt like throwing up. I supplied her with a fresh bottle of water, a plastic tub, and tied all her hair up away from her face. 5 mins in bed and she duly threw up, thankfully with good aim. Unfortunately she has the top bunk so I was helping her clean up and wipe and so forth while hanging onto the top rail with one hand, toes jammed down the side rail of the bottom bunk. Although she will undoubtedly feel much better now, there is no way I am taking her out tonight. Also, she has put me right off having any of the leftover pizza for tea.

Miss 4 has just woken up from a sleep, naturally she is in that delicate state of bleary confusion that would instantly become hysterical tears if we suggested anything like ‘getting up’ or ‘putting some warm pants on’. Her sleep was a car-induced one, from going to Lower Sandy Bay to collect hubby this afternoon. He had had the brilliant plan of taking his car in early, parking it in a handy spot, then we would use the shuttle bus service to get there this evening and merrily drive home past the poor, tired souls waiting for a seat on the bus.

Of course now his car is in Lower Sandy Bay (in a fantastic spot, btw), we **aren’t** going to Carols, but he needs his car to get to work in the morning…

So when Miss 4 is up to it, we will go for **another** drive, take hubby into the madness that will be the Carols Zone, drop him off and turn around to come home again.

I think that the Yarn Gods are miffed that I proposed spending so much of Sunday night sitting in the dark Not Finishing the second half of the tea cosy I made up today. My punishment is to have spent so much of my afternoon cooking up a storm and then having to drive back and forth to Lower Sandy Bay in an utterly pointless, fuel-wasting set of manouevres. And adding insult to injury, I can’t kick back with more wine because once the girls are ok, I have to drive hubby into town, and you know what would happen if I had another wine…

I give in. Where’s that knitting?


2 thoughts on “Yarn Gods Scupper Plans For Family Outing.

  1. Oh crap honey that just sucks on all sorts of levels.
    Commiserations on the impending drive with bucket child and grumpy child to retrieve strategically useless car đŸ˜¦
    Definitely pull out that knitting, you need it to console yourself, definitely.

    • I now have tea, a big serve of fresh beer cake courtesy of today’s bakeathon, rug, wrap around my neck, uggies on, and computer to myself. Bucket child is entirely recovered and in bed, smallest child is with dad ‘retrieving’ the car ie probably watching the show because I’ve been home for 45 mins now and there wasn’t enough traffic to be held up that badly. Kitchen is somewhat tidied, and I think I might even watch some Doctor Who on my computer while I knit.
      So ner, Un-named Deities Who Messed With My Day!!

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