I’s still here…

I is still here, I aten’t ded yet.

School finished this week, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (what, you think the schools would coordinate student and staff completion dates???). I breathed a deep sigh of relief, and did much shopping and washing of piles of laundry. This has not made things any tidier.
I have also discovered the joy of garter stitch washcloths, especially when one is utterly brain-dead and in yet still desperate to knit something! However the pictures are on my phone so you will have to wait one more day. The only fly in this ointment is the distressing conclusion that knitting with Lion or Peaches and Creme cotton dries my hands out faster than doing the washing up with superstrength detergent. I’m off to anoint myself.


3 thoughts on “I’s still here…

  1. I’s’s noticeded that yous wasna around, I’s had figured yous was busy!

    It really does seem like that time of year doesn’t it. I have been noticeably absent too. Not doing all the usual stuff, doing lots of extra stuff instead so the house still needs an awful lot of work.

    • đŸ˜› I personally have a tendency to moan about doing the clothes, but I do prefer my children not to have that certain aroma – especially when sharing a car with them!!!
      And most of the mess in the house is other items that would not fare well in the washing machine – hey! That’s an idea!! New threat: “Pick up your mess or I will put it all in the washing machine and see how clean it comes out” – what do you think???

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