Thank Goodness for Knitty Peeps

Yesterday was the first Sat of the month, and therefore snb day! I do adore going and being part of a group of women and talking about everything and nothing – it is such a wonderful change from being a responsible adult who works hard at their job, does household chores at home, parents as best she can, and tries to find time to talk to her husband too.

At snb I worked on my Mad Monkeys, and am pleased to report that I’m nearly halfway up the foot and it looks lovely and fits well. I should answer Leonie‘s comment: the yarn is Ms Gusset sockyarn, which I purchased at Bendigo last year. I also passed around the first bit of an Echo Flowers Shawl that I wasn’t happy with, and got confirmation that frogging and going up several needle sizes was absolutely necessary – on top of which Tasknitter was able to lend me the needles! I sat down last night and roared through the setup rows, and I am MUCH happier – the yarnovers are opening up into lacy gorgeousness, and the fabric is soft and floaty and drapey, doing justice to the mmmmMalabrigo!

Today is cool and cloudy, and were it not for rampaging hayfever I would be perfectly content to sit in this chair knitting and reading and drinking tea all day. As it is I would like to go out somewhere that has no grass or weeds or growing flowers (I’m not sure what is setting me off, but I have some suspicions) and claim chairspace in a cafe-type place for a couple of hours. This plan may be delayed somewhat – Mr 10 has decided to cook his way out of his (entirely self-induced) bad mood by making marble-cake cupcakes, and has just popped down to the shops for extra flour and whatnot. His stated goal is cupcakes for morning tea, so I guess I’ll just have to trust in the antihistamines and spend the morning in this chair after all, reading EZ’s excellent advice: knit on!




2 thoughts on “Thank Goodness for Knitty Peeps

  1. Sorry about MIA – love the socks (have no sock Mojo myself – but have almost (some bulky sleeves permitting) finished 13 jumpers this year – )

    Love love love the monos locos – maybe they will do it for me!

  2. Hope the shawl is continuing to behave itself and that the self-induced bad mood evaporated under application of cake for Master 10!
    Doing the heel flap on my monkeys have a couple more rows then onto heel turn.

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