Mad Monkeys

I don’t want to count cables or calculate heels or anything, so I did what every under-pressure knitter does – cast on something new! My new Monos Locos will help me deal with the grief of multiple holes in my original Monkey socks: look! purples!!

Photo 7


3 thoughts on “Mad Monkeys

  1. I thought you’d been going at them longer than that…or is that the second sock? Maybe we should have a knit-a-long, top down versus toe up Monkeys! My first sock is just at the heel flap 🙂 The purple is good, what yarn is it? Oh and I scored some yarn pron last week……..the Wollmeise in an amazing purple “Der Letzte Versuch” have a look on Rav at some of the piccies…..divine!

  2. Thank you laydeez!
    The purple does indeed make me feel much betterz, but no I haven’t been working on them for long – the Firestarters I recently started have reached a point (the heel) where I can no longer deny the tightness, and must rip back to the toe and redo. I will give more monkey details soon, I promise!

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