Good Parenting Washcloth

This weekend has been an extended demonstration of parental commitment.

Yesterday morning I began doing hair and a touch of make-up for my daughters at 9:30, and was still brandishing lipstick as they got into the car to take part in dance #1 with their father. Son and I followed after lunch to watch the afternoon concert in which daughters and MOMD again did the Dad’s Dance, followed by a number of group dances. Miss 4 was a 50s twirly skirt elf/Christmas number, Miss 7 was in a sequined tap-shoe jazz number, and a Pink Panther routine which unexpectedly went twice! Sitting in the dark in the Theatre Royal I cast on a garter stitch cloth and gradually increased my way through the normal range of unspeakably cute toddlers losing track of their dance moves and earnest tweens doing their best stage smiles.

Today, just after the MOMD had bundled Miss 7 into the car to do the last rendition of the hands-on father, my son came in to request that I look at his toe – he had dropped a big pinboard on it. So, apologise to and hang up on my mum, slurp one more slurp of tea, grab knitting, purse and other necessities and out the door. Some circling of the hospital (coincidentally right across from the dance concert venue!) before choosing the big car parking station, and hobbled son into Emergency with no particular urgency on my part, being fairly sure he hadn’t broken anything important.

We spent about an hour and a half in the paediatrics cubicle, mostly waiting for an xray of his toes, during all of which I knitted away on my new cloth. I think I’m going to create a new stash, to be kept in my car, of thickish cotton and needles, and maybe a folder of patterns. It really was great to have mindless knitting to do on both these occasions! We were released with extra bandages and instructions for himself to wear thongs (ie flipflops for non-Aussie readers) until his toenail drops off entirely and the nailbed is healing itself, and I had 90% of my cloth done:

Now for the next crisis: convincing children to clean up their messes!


ETA ten minutes and I finished off that corner, and started anew with the remainder. The cotton garter stitch is marevellously squooshy!


3 thoughts on “Good Parenting Washcloth

  1. Glad the performances went well and that the toe is OK. Things always happen at the most inconvenient time, don’t they.
    Snap, I knitted one of those yesterday in the yellow cotton like that, but mine is a fish!! It has a tail and some lips: very cool!!
    99% of the time I have some knitting in my bag, for queues and the like.

  2. I usually have socks, but my Firestarters are at the heel and causing me some concern as to fit, and I left the printout for my new Monos Locos at work, so garter stitch was my saviour!

  3. Ah but who gets the washcloth?
    Great parenting weekend by the way. Right down to the hospital trip for the not broken toe. Glad it’s not broken by the way 🙂
    When are your school holidays?

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