Including the extra hours I managed this weekend and the mid-week cricket afternoon where I ‘watched’ my son play for 2.5 hours, I think I am averaging about 2 rows per day on my NaKniSweMo cardi. Unless I can content myself with a very elaborate boob-holder, I do not think my chances of finishing by 30th Nov are particularly high.

However, it is very pretty and I likes it lots. See? (picture cropped to remove incriminating picture of anti-histamine-stoned eyeballs and various unflattering parts of late-30s physiognomy)


And for once the colour is about perfectly represented, too!

In other knitting news I discovered that I do not have anything simple/quick/mindless to shove into the handbag on the way out the door, so I called up the Los Monos Locos pattern, then rummaged around until I found some 2.5mm circs and some gloriously purplicious squooshy sock yarn from Ms Gussett. Violets, pansies, perhaps a dash of fuschia or drop of lilac from time to time to spark things up – what a glorious yarn to have in hand on a sunny spring day.

Especially once the anti-histamines kicked in.