Fishy Frenchy Food

Legacy of my past: I taught my children to describe their dinner in French last night.

pins of fish.

Nous avons mangé des goujons de poisson avec des pommes frîtes.


Oven-baked wedges, sprinkled with whatever yummy spices I had in the cupboard.

Goujons: fingers of kingfish, floured, dipped in egg then rolled in a mix of breadcrumbs, polenta (for crunch), parmesan and cayenne, and shallow-fried. (I didn’t have enough oil to deep-fry, but it didn’t seem to matter). And a bit of tuna at the front there, also very tasty and meaty.

Slicing the fish and doing all the dusting and dipping and rolling took ages, each batch only took a few minutes to cook.

Highly recommended.

(Recipe inspired by Rick Stein’s Crispy Fish Goujons, Delicious Magazine October 2009.)

2 thoughts on “Fishy Frenchy Food

  1. So… and chips huh? Way to go Mum making it sound so interesting 🙂 I’m always amazed at how many potatoes I go through when I make home made. We had home made chicken and chips the other day and the kids gobbled them up just as quick as the store bought ones. Cheaper too!
    What’s the next french lesson?

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