Where has all the mojo gone???

Hey folks,

I’m still here, and I’m still knitting, but the blogging mojo has been eluding me somewhat. Sometimes reading blogs makes it feel like the focus narrows down to this one topic, and shuts out everything else, but my life is such a complexity of different strands tangled together that unravelling and following just one thread (eg knitting) seems like too great an effort.

But no, here I am on my blog, because I like to talk about knitting with my knitting friends. And I think it is healthy to spend some time concentrating on something entirely unrelated to work or motherhood or wifehood, because it helps me balance all parts of my life into a cohesive pattern.

Today I went to a bonus snb with several of the usual Hobart knitters’ mob, because the glorious Blackgecko was in town, making a dash to visit the southern-most capital from her island home. As always I was struck by how easy it is to pick up the threads of conversation with someone I’ve never seen face-to-face before, because there have already been plenty of messages and discussions online to form the basis of a friendship. It is so nice to meet like-minded people – they understand why spending time on such an ancient craft is so much fun, and why you feel so good about tackling and achieving a challenge, and waste very little effort on trying to talk you out of planned yarn purchases!!

Knitting-wise, I am working on a Firestarter sock in Colinette Jitterbug ‘Jewel’, and I started an Echo Flowers Shawl with Malabrigo Lace in Azalea (all links are Ravelry links). I can see that having a Malabrigo supplier only a 15minute drive away could turn out to be a little indulgent….

Recently I have finished a Travelling Woman Shawl, a One-Skein-One-Day-Wonder Hat (it took longer, more yarn, and didn’t fit), a facewasher for Miss4, Faux-Fibonacci socks, and my Something Navy cardi. I feel that starting two new projects is ok with so  many new FOs to tick off my list!!

The weather continues cool, even with November a scant day away, which is encouraging my yarn lust no end! Tonight I am wearing wool socks, wool/silk blend cardi and a sockwool shawl, and I’m just perfectly warm. I think I’ll be able to knit with wool for quite some time yet this year! (the weather forecast is dropping the temp down again midweek, back to wintry levels – I am not planning a natural suntan any time soon)

Enough rambling. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I look forward to showing you photos next time I blog ie when I get my rear into gear and actually send photos from phone to computer, upload to Flickr and link to here. Sometimes I do suspect it would be easier to get it all done with a fancy-pants expensive phone, but then I look at the cost of  a fancy-pants expensive phone and decide to stick with current one for a wee bit longer.



2 thoughts on “Where has all the mojo gone???

  1. You have been knitting up a storm haven’t you! Definitely allowable to cast on a few more projects 🙂
    I’m working on my first top down cardi, of course it’s a size 2 so shouldn’t take too long!
    Love the knitting SnB’s for the chance to talk knitting with like minded souls it really is another way of talking and looking at the world isn’t it!

  2. Yes, when I stop to look at it I have been knitting a fair bit… but that can be hard to recognise in the midst of the larger tracts of time frustratingly taken up with unavoidable duties and chores.

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