8 Rows To Go

I am 8 rows from the end of my Travelling Woman scarf/shawl/fling thing (well I will be in about 15 minutes), and so looking forward to blocking and wearing it! I do not think that there will be complete immersion and soaking and pinning out and gentle drying of this item this weekend – the weather is utterly miserable (today reached a gob-smacking 11*C, and is predicted to barely scrape past that tomorrow) and there is snow predicted down the mountain overnight and during the morning. I want to finish this baby and fling it on!

My parents arrived tonight for a visit, which is lovely – they live so far away that we do not get to see them as often as we would like. Mum commented after dinner (whilst I counted stitches) that surely I must have run out of things to knit and had to repeat myself. I was not sure how to respond, but explained that having one pair of nice socks means I have to knit another in blue, and more in jade, to go with different wardrobe items, and then the scarves – I do not want to wear the same one every day, and the weather gives me a perfect excuse to knit lots of them!! She did not give up sewing once she had made one of each type of garment… I think Mum gets it a little better now 🙂

Earlier this week I was emailing with the glorious KissMyFrog and we ended up using a chat room in Ravelry to chat for an hour (or more) – it was so nice to sit and have a conversation with a knitty girlfriend partway through the week – the only drawback being of course the need to drop the knitting to type, but my typing is reasonably fast these days so really that’s not too much of a hassle. Still I’m looking forward to the day she gets a new computer that will run Skype – video conference snb here we come!!!  It is interesting to reflect on how our conversation wandered around:  topics included knitting, WIPs, UFOs, FOs, childhood sports, childhood music lessons, current children and their activities, current flavour of chocolate, plans for Bendi next year…I think that the more varied and spontaneous the conversational directions, the more relaxed and comfortable the users are with the technology. Aside from not being able to fondle or steal her claret coloured Jitterbug, it was just like sitting on the floor in Kate’s house, chatting away about whatever came to mind. I am so glad to have found like-minded souls through the power of the knittiverse – I do not want to be limited to work-and-family, I want to have other interests to balance things out, and the internet lets me do that with knitting and blogging and Ravelry

I hope all is well in your vicinity – may you find ample time to sit and knit!


PS in our conversation we discovered that we had both decided this week to knit Firestarter in Jitterbug – thankfully our colourways are different, otherwise no-one would be able to tell us apart at Bendi next year!!!


2 thoughts on “8 Rows To Go

  1. Sooooo Firestarter is the Bendi knit for next year is it?????

    Love that you guys used a chat room to have a chat 🙂

    I generally drop by the SnB Melbourne chat room on Thursday nights. It’s a nice way to keep in touch with people.

    You are going to show us your Travelling Woman scarf/shawl/fling thing when it’s done aren’t you?

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