Brace Yourself – They’re DONE!


I present my Poipool Pieds! (Rav project page)

Yarn: Poipool, from Moggy and Me. (discontinued, sorry folks!)

Pattern: Ribbed Lace (Ravlink) from Sensational Knitted Socks, Eye of Partridge heel with garter edges

Gauge: 64 stitches on 2.75 mm (cuff/upper leg) and 2.5mm (ankle, heel and foot)

Time: lots – I did a lot of tinking and ripping on these, mostly because I would forget where I was up to, or didn’t read my notes properly. Sock 2 had the cuff redone (wrong needles), tinking when I made the gusset too long (watching Nanny McPhee), and the toe done twice (I didn’t look carefully enough at my mods).

Mods: To have a longer leg I started on 2.75mm needles so the cuff would stretch around my lower calf, did 2 repeats, switched to 2.5mm and one more repeat, then heel etc. When I got to the toe I carried the line of purl stitches from either side of the instep down the outer edge of the toe between the decreases,  and started and ended the sole stitches as purls too, so I ended up with a cute little purl ditch down the sides.

These are VERY comfy, the ribbed lace is very stretchy, and the wool feels a little thicker or fluffier than commercial sock yarns, so my feet have been very happy. I perhaps made them a row or two too long, but I’m sure that the felting caused by normal wearing and washing will shrink them down to fit.

And just to continue the sock love, DD#2 has discovered a pair of 8ply knee-high socks I knit for DD#1 when she was 3 1/2, has pulled them on and declared her love for them. If only I’d waved them at her at the beginning of our winter!!

However she will get some use out of them: we are planning to drive Up The Mountain to see the snow – we’ve been having vile, rainy, stormy, windy weather which has made up for the mildness of most of the official winter season by dumping snow on Mt Wellington, so we will go for a drive up to see and then come back down in search of hot beverages and veges at the Salamanca Markets.


5 thoughts on “Brace Yourself – They’re DONE!

  1. That is such a good pattern, I’ve knitted it too, but I like your purl ditch idea. They look fabulous on too!!!
    I saw all the snow on the TV, ah yes, I remember it well. Happy mountaineering!!!

  2. Discontinued? Don’t tell me Donni’s stopped dyeing? Say it ain’t so!

    Your socks are the gorgeousness, but you knew that.

  3. Hooray for finished purple socks! They look gorgeous as do the ones your youngest is sporting. Excellent that they weren’t worn out and got a second chance at life.

    What is being cast on to replace the poipool socks???

    PS That purple is just divine.

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