Not Worth A Thousand Words

Because I have not been grabbing the phone for pics – and I know I’m a little overdue to blog, but hey, it’s my school holidays and I’m too busy knitting, right? (well, no, because we all know that not being at the paid work does not equal limitless hours for indulging in one’s hobbies, don’t we?)

Suffice it to say that we have some very Spring-like Spring weather (everything you are thinking of except no hail), and according to time of day and external factors there has been:

  • baking,
  • special-holiday-treat-dvd-rentals,
  • a visit to the dentist for Mr 10 who is now showing a far greater interest in correct brushing and flossing techniques,
  • a morning at the Botanical Gardens with a knitty friend or two and assorted offspring,
  • soaking and washing of muddied clothing thereafter,
  • the sowing of vege seeds,
  • purchase of material and notions to make actual aprons for my three offspring (who all like to cook)
  • and there has been some effort put into knitting.

I am hopeful that a family drive today and further Doctor Who dvds will result in actual FOs to share with you all, but till then I bid you adieu, and hope that you have a nice weekend.

(this was worth 203 words, apparently)


5 thoughts on “Not Worth A Thousand Words

  1. Well you have painted a good word picture of what’s been happening. I have to go to the dentist in a couple of months too!! Glad you have enjoyed your holidays thus far!!

  2. Ah pictures they do make a difference don’t they. What have you been baking? I need some new ideas I think. What are you guys doing over the Summer break? Do you get the break off from school or do you have to go in?

  3. Mr 10 had an enormous hole in a baby tooth, thus the dentist visit – he was very sensible and didn’t fuss, which was such a relief! He and Miss 7 are booked in for checkups next month – apparently it was an awfully long time since the last one!

    And baking – in the past 8 days there have been pesto-cheese scones, plain scones, banana muffins, chocolate-sultana biscuits, orange cupcakes and tonight there is an Irish Potato Cake from It’s glorious fun but really I should be going for an extra walk each day to compensate!

  4. At least you can catalogue what you’ve been doing. I know I’ve been as busy as a bee, but don’t seem to have much honey to show for it. Planning on getting some knitting done over the course of a long car trip, but can’t decide what exactly it should be as I can knit while riding, but not READ while riding without debilitating car sickness. And sadly, everything I have going right now has complicated cables and such that I can’t memorize. Ah, well. Maybe a nice, plain pair of socks. 🙂

  5. Hmmm, I keep meaning to make aprons for mine own kinder, but I never actually get to it.

    Apropos of nothing in particular, when you knit with your buddies at the Botanical Gardens, do you ever see Peter Cundal?

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