Progress Report

Yes, there is some.

One Greenman glove done, some fingers started for second.

2/3 of a heel flap on Poipool Pieds sock.

60% of a Poppy hat for Miss 7.

Cardi hem has been cast off, now awaiting picking up of bands and collar stitches.

There would be more, but unfortunately my various laundry baskets seem to endlessly replenish themselves – the more I take out, the more there is left to wash… very Magic Pudding, without the edibility.


6 thoughts on “Progress Report

  1. Thank you ladies!
    Monday update: hat is now 95% done – just doing the ribbing. If I find myself an hour of tv this evening I might even get it finished! Miss 7 is thinking of having many many flowers, but I would love to go classic flapper and have just the one, really extravagant flower on the side. We shall see.
    And to answer Ms Aimsley, the sock is being knit in Moggy and Me ‘Poipool’ 4ply merino sock yarn. I bought it last year at the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show, but I don’t know whether she is still selling hand-dyed yarns.

  2. You are SO much better off than me. I’ve got scads of half done projects and can’t seem to muster a flicker of interest in even one. The shame of it!!

  3. There is no shame! (unless it’s dead muppet fur, in which case guilt, shame and grovelling are all necessary!!) You haven’t seen the half of my UFOs – and I’m not showing, neither!! 🙂

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