Last and Next

Oh dear, I seem to have forgotten to blog last weekend – perhaps it was because on Sunday I was doing this:
Venue: Tasmanian Hockey Centre

Reason: support the MOMD’s team on one of the rare occasions this season that they have played a game before 8pm.

KIP project: Idle Hands, design by Kattwings, in Zara. (My project page) I had run out of yarn at the second thumb, so I had had to wait until the weekend to buy more and finish it. There was much admiring by other hockey spouses, and jovial joking by the players when we socialised later.

These are lovely mitts, the Zara is loooooovely to work with, and feels gorgeous – now I understand madamsewingstick‘s near monogamy! They are a little fuzzy having been worn all week, and I really should give them a Soak, but the colour is so rich and the cables came out beautifully that I couldn’t bear to do without them for even a day! It looks like it will be a beautiful day here today, so I shall have to set some washing in motion.

So, that was the Last, what’s the Next?

The MOMD expressed interest in my mitts, to the point of trying one on and not giving it back all afternoon (cold day that day), so I offered him a choice of having the purple ones (thoughts at that point: no, please no, I don’t want to give them up, they are soooo purple, but my husband is more important so I will if he wants them) or I would knit him his own set.

Thankfully he decided he would rather a true finger-tip-less glove, in green. Knucks, here we come!


In other news I have finished the body of the Something Navy Cardi, and have been waiting for a) sunshine, b) time and c) mental energy enough to do a sewn cast off, and then to pick up stitches for the neckline. Factor in work, three children and general busy-ness, and it becomes obvious that weekends are the only possible time to tackle this. Who knows, maybe even today!

Also I am finally on the heel flap of my Poipool Pieds, after a solid evening of flicking between detective shows and election updates. I think my socks were more exciting, and also hold more promise of future satisfaction and pleasure than either of the possible outcomes of this federal election. However the excitement of starting the heel flap kept me up far later than is good for me, so today I have sneezes and watery eyes. I think I’ll skip the hubby’s hockey match this afternoon and have a little snooze to recruit my forces for the afternoon. Having done umpteen loads of washing, plenty of cooking, shampooed the dogs and sewn a mini project bag this weekend, I feel as though I can take a little time out to go meet madamsewingstick for a cuppa and a little KIP.


3 thoughts on “Last and Next

  1. Your mitts are gorgeous! Both pair! The purple color is such a great color. Nice and vivid.

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