Saturdays are for catching up

Hi all,

As the title implies I am catching up.

I have my collection of blogs to read open in another tab and am working my way through the last week or so of What The Peeps Have Been Up To.

I have made a (very small) start on the kitchen. Further efforts can wait until the slaves return from hockey to unpack the dishwasher.

I have folded a couple of baskets’ worth of washing and put it away, hung out yesterday’s load and will shortly go and tackle the current puddle of towels.

I have dried the inside of the windows – we had a smidgen of rain this week, so this morning the windows looked as if Miss 4 had been going around the house with the spray bottle (and a ladder to reach the high bits).

Normal activities such as dog-walking and Miss 4’s dance class have occurred.

Excitingly today is the first Sat of the month so I will be heading off to snb today with some very plain knitting to plough on through. My navy cardigan (Ravlink) is growing nicely – not far now till I reach a good hem-length. Then it will be time to put on a neckband and finish the sleeves – I am leaving them till last so I can eke out the very ends of my yarn to whatever length I can get – I’m hoping for a decent 3/4 length, but elbow would be ok if that’s all I can manage. I’m looking forward to finishing this one; although navy it has a lot of tweedy bits all through, purple and dark blue and black, so it will go with anything, is not quite as plain as it sounds, and if I can get the neckband right it should be a useful cardi for work too.

I have also started an aviatrix-style hat for Miss 7 with some yarn I bought from the amazing Phezzit (Rav) – it is called Nemo’s Garden, and calls to mind all the incredible saturated colours of coral reefs in turquoise tropical waters. My Poipool socks (Ravlink) are nibbling along – I’m getting closer to the heel – and I have indulged in a skein of Zara for a testknit for Kattwings.

Of course I should really be using a little of this catch-up time to do a little school-work too, but that’s boring. Purple wool is much more fun 🙂

So what do you do with your weekends? Do you deal with household jobs, or play sport, or see family and friends? Do you go out or go on adventures? I was thinking that we need to do something different with our weekends, but that will have to wait until hockey season (son and hubby) is over. Till then I will have to explore weekend options vicariously….


5 thoughts on “Saturdays are for catching up

  1. Weekends, schmeekends: most days are the same for me, but I remember how exciting the weekends were!! (We used to live in hole in t’road!!)
    Purple cardi sounds lovely, I am off to look at your socks too.
    Hope you have a nice time at SnB!!

  2. Yesterday was spent organising for a market today and today was spent at the market knitting a hat. Normally it is swimming with my friend Saturday morning then catching up with stuff from during the week and trying to keep the kids from going mad in each other’s company. Sunday is swimming lessons for the kids and then playing with them and spending time not doing housework at all. I’m feeling the need for a family centred bit of knitting right now. Want to make cardi’s for the boys just have to translate a pattern or two to get the right sizes for the yarn I’m using…here we go making up another pattern 🙂

  3. Love my weekends! I try and get as much housework and other unpleasantries done during the week after work so I can relax on Saturday and Sunday. My favorite thing is taking a Sunday afternoon nap. Nothing better in my opinion! 🙂

  4. We are a hockey family too!

    So, sometimes weekends are for traveling (with WIPs of course) and sometimes they are for taming the landscape which tends to get wild at times because of our busy schedules. This weekend I spent 6.2 hours knitting! I decided I needed to make significant progress on a scarf that was taking forever!

  5. I am a poor excuse for a hockey parent – I have only a vague understanding of the game, rarely remember to yell encouragement from the sidelines, and almost always have my knitting in hand to amuse myself!
    We too need to do some work on the garden – as it eases its way towards spring here, the weeds are starting to perk up and we really need to plant up the vege patch – luckily I have school holidays starting next week, and hope to find an hour or two to work on things outside the house 🙂
    Thanks for visiting Cheryl Marie, Melissa, Leonie and Cindy!

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