Somewhat swamped, but knitting is my liferaft…

I have a lot of extras on at work at the moment, so I’m feeling a little swamped with work things washing over into home time. I am making a few minutes to knit every day though – sometimes during my break at work, sometimes I snatch half an hour in front of the tv. I have done two inches of navy 2×2 ribbing on my cardi, and although not deeply exciting knitting my brain has had plenty of excitement recently and ribbing is about as exciting as I can handle 🙂

The TdFKAL has inspired me this month to really make an effort with some long-term UFOs (yes Clapotis, I am talking about you!), and I’m feeling surprisingly good about it. This is of course assisted by the afore-mentioned busy-ness at work draining away any capacity my brain might have had for working on deeply fancy laceweight peacock shawls (for instance). As a confirmed chronic sufferer of startitis, this remission (though likely to be brief) is welcome for the space it is making in some of my tubs and baskets, and the warm sparkly glow of virtue convinced me that I really needed to buy a new knitting book because after all, powering through my UFOs and WIPs will leave me with nothing to do!

Thus I have purchased a book I have had my eye on for a little while: The Joy of Sox by Linda Kopp, with patterns contributed from various designers.

There are many fun patterns in here, but I do not yet know where I will start – I still have many many WIPs to be dealing with…

But that pattern on the front…I have some reservations. It is very cute, but I can’t help thinking that the toes would end up feeling cold. Of course that might just be because in mid-July Hobart is not the most tropical of climes, and cold toes are pretty much a daily discomfort.

Speaking of which I have been working on my purple Poipool Pieds socks – slowly, but surely. This time I am using the correct sized needles. Wish me speed!



5 thoughts on “Somewhat swamped, but knitting is my liferaft…

  1. I agree about the leg warmers that go almost all the way to the feet. It’s like Burda’s Summer patterns, which are always too warm, and then their Winter one are for the Antarctic!!
    There is not enough socks, we need more socks!!(Tee hee!!) Not socks and violence though.

  2. No, No, it’s all about being able to have your toe nails painted (i.e. pedicure) without freezing the rest of you in steamy, steamy Hobart Town 😛

  3. Those socks look like they’d be good for winter time pedicures. But then, why would you be getting a pedicure in the winter? Maybe for people with sweaty toes? Do people suffer from such things? lol At any rate, good luck with the WIPs!

  4. Well done to the WIPS! I am having a personal Festival of Finishing at present – so far we have socks, and mitts done – I still need to finish at least 4 other WIPS to feel I have made and appreciable dent………

  5. All right, I don’t think I need images of sweaty toes, thank you (now there’s a comment from someone in the Northern Hemisphere right now!), and really, why have a winter pedicure? My feet are swathed in home-knitted socks, or failing that some really wildly coloured tights (remind me to put up a picture sometime of my growing collection) – painting my toenails would be completely pointless, mean I had cold toes while waiting for the polish to dry, and my fingernails would get jealous!

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