Confess! I Must Confess!!

I have been keeping things from you…

I’ve been working on my Garter Swingy Cardi for the TdFKAL (Ravlink) – and I’m wearing it right now!

I was working on a cotton cardi for DD#2 – but it’s all done now! (oh, sorry, no blogworthy photo – I only took a webcam pic for Rav – will take pics tomorrow)

I loved my handknit socks so much that THREE pairs developed holes last year, some at the heel, some at the toe, some at both. Having ignored them all through the warmer and coolish seasons, the arrival of the cold has encouraged the activity known as DARNING. This is not the same as the Yarn Harlot‘s version, known as ‘Oh Darn’ [ETA: can’t find reference on her blog. It may be in one of her books. It involves a bin]. I don’t have enough pairs (or time, or hands, or a Tardis) to follow her example. Instead I am pulling out my leftover yarn and plying my darning needle in an inexpert, haphazard, but near-enough-is-good-enough fashion.

To show how much I love my handknit socks, look at the difference between the original yarn and my Roseleaf socks now:

**** It’s too quiet – just going to check and make sure that my children have not drowned each other/flooded the laundry (where the bath is)/slipped down the plughole****

**** All fine – slightly pruney but otherwise intact and somewhat cleaner than they were 20 minutes ago ****

Last confession: I scoffed the rest of the Balsamic Marinated Kalamata Olives and left none for my husband. They are truly divine!! Lest you think him deprived, let me add that there is a container of green olives stuffed with blue cheese, chosen by himself, in the fridge. And I am not drinking all the Zilzie Coonawarra Cab Sav before he gets home. I would like to remain upright and capable of knitting for the evening.


3 thoughts on “Confess! I Must Confess!!

  1. You look very Miss Good Librarian, who is secretly naughty!!!
    Your cardi looks great and will obviously ‘go’ with everything.
    I love stuffed olives, I only like the expensive ones!!! I ahve them now and then, I like the feta and the chilli ones!! Mmm.
    Ahh yes, childhood pruniness!!
    Yes, I wear my socks out too, but yours take the prize as most loved!!

  2. Looking good in your new knit. Very versatile colourway.

    Heard about socks knit with toes and heels sewn on separately so that they can be removed and replaced to remove the need for darning….can’t remember whether I’ve read it somewhere or whether it was part of a conversation from the weekend….Fabulous weekend by the way. Planning on coming next year??

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