‘Twas not my intention to mislead you…

However I think there is a misconception that needs to be cleared up.

My previous post regarding my UFO hill seems to have caused some confusion.

Let me clarify.

The four items in the pile (plus a stripey vest for DS that I forgot to add) are my UFOs to tackle during the Tour de France. As I am fairly busy at work right now that means maybe an hour a night of knitting time. There is no way in the multiverse that I can finish them all by the 25th July if I only get one hour per night to knit. Thus, from a time constraint perspective, this is a mountain.

Also, that pile is more like the foothills of the mountain range of the actual collection of my WIPs and UFOs in their entirety. A quick check of my Rav projects page reveals 24 projects listed, and I can think of at least three others that have been cast on but not revealed on that page.

So. I have revealed the truth. I am a knitterly flibbertigibbet, wantonly casting on projects only to cast them aside for months or even years…

oh, and did I mention the 24 crochet centres I began the other week – destined to become African Flower Hexagons? And they are just the beginning….


4 thoughts on “‘Twas not my intention to mislead you…

  1. Ah a Tour de France Mountain…..thanks for the clarification. Scaling that mountain will be an interesting climb, any potential precipice’s or potential for avalanche??
    Now you mention it it might be worth a photo of the complete mountain of UFO and WIP’s maybe it will give you momentum to complete some of them?

  2. Ahh, now all is clear!! You’ll be cycling up and down those mountains, top unzipped to your waist, black heart monitor buzzing!!!

  3. I am in a casting on frenzy right now too. Is it the weather? The time of year? Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter. There is no harm in it.

    Your Clapotis is absolutely gorgeous and makes me want one. Well, another one. Off to oogle on Ravelry!

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