Knitting! Coughing! Sleeping! Bicycles!!

So, there has been some knitting – but not much, due to all the coughing and sleeping. I had three days off work last week, really should have made it four, only misplaced sense of my own importance made me go to work on Thursday to prove that I am a waste of space in the classroom when unwell. One of these days I may learn…

I have taken photos of knitting, but have only uploaded one so far, so you’ll just have to wait for the others!

This now has almost one sleeve (which will be elbow length), and will have another inch or two in length by the time I run out of yarn, I think. (btw flickr is changing its layout and buttons and things…interesting!)

I have been playing with a crochet hook, and also (in a separate project) some laceweight alpaca silk…

And I have joined this year’s TdFKAL (linkies later), in the running for a Polka Dot Jersey, which means working on WIPs for three weeks!!!

Time to go watch my recording of Doctor Who and do the week’s ironing (my elbow is a little too tender for knitting after lots of garter stitchery)


2 thoughts on “Knitting! Coughing! Sleeping! Bicycles!!

  1. You poor thing, I used to go to work and then I realised I was being a martyr!!! You must take care of yourself, especially if you are going to be cycling so hard in your Polka Dot jersey for three weeks!!
    Oh, I am not sure about all the Flickr changes, I hope they are not too changey. They keep wanting me to try new things, I am such a stick in the mud.
    Oh, nice knitting!!!

  2. My three years teaching I only took 1/2 a day off work for sick leave. Then I realized I was doing more harm than good by trying to drag my butt in to work. Hope you start to feel better! I love the colors in the top!

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