The Ague

I have been felled by an ague – I knew I was catching a cold, but by the time I got home last night I had shivers, chills and aching bones. There has been paracetemol, warm drinks, and lots of sooking in bed. There is about to be lots more of the same.

I have pictures of knitting but will save that for later, when hopefully I will be able to deal with the complexity of linking to my flickr photos. But first a nice big sleep. Wherein I will dream of the African Flower Hexagon – I am smitten, and have almost finished one! (There are some great pics in the Hexagon Love flickr group too) I hope the links make up for the lack of eye candy today.


4 thoughts on “The Ague

  1. Ague, ague, to you and you and you-oo. You poor thing, I think The Lurgy is well and truly out and about: chez moi aussi. I shall follow your smitten links… Get well soon.

  2. Oh no! Hope it is quick and over with fast fast fast! In the meantime hide out in the warmth and make everyone wait on you hand and foot 🙂

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