So bad you have to laugh…

Darling daughter brought her school photos home today.

There had not been any parental insistence on doing hair properly that day, as we had not realised it was such an important day.

The relief teacher promised that there would be some time to tidy the students before the Big Event.

Unfortunately we have dire photographic evidence to the contrary.

The eyes are bright, the smile enormous (revealing all the half-grown teeth)… the hairdo however is so bad as to be hilarious – so bad that I cannot put it on the internet, lest it haunt her forever.

I can give you an artist’s impression though:

5 thoughts on “So bad you have to laugh…

  1. Ah yes!! We banned the photographer from giving the children he free combs until after the photos. So much damage can be done to a normal hair do with a comb. Still, you could have her digitally enhanced????

  2. Love the artists impression (ever thought what my son’s pics look like – don’t ask – don’t EVER ask!)

    Congratulations on the jogginess – I know you can do it. I warn you though, it is highly addictive! Thanks for the mention. I have not been as runny as usual – a cmobination of a toxic cold, frigid weather and the ongoing darkness issue at my preferred running time – but I have managed to get a few in the last couple of weeks

    My but it’s cold at 6am….

  3. Mmm, Sasquatch’s two front teeth are hanging by the proverbial thread in his school photo. Absolutely gives me the quivering abdabs everytime I look at it.

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