It’s All About Me

This is the mini-epiphany I had last week as I jogged around the streets with one dog in front and the other behind. You see I have never been a jogger, much less a runner; my image of myself has always been of a non-sporty, non-athletic person, who likes walking, tai-chi, ballroom dancing – the kinds of activities where I don’t have to run or know many rules or be relied upon by a team of enthusiastic players. Since joining a gym almost 4 years ago I have discovered that I like exercise, I like doing weights, and I like challenging myself (actually I knew that one, just I usually applied it to other areas of my life). I am not interested in the appearance of sportiness – I have sarcastic thoughts when the gym’s in-house fitness magazine recommends rewarding yourself with the latest yoga pants and hoodie to go with the new sneakers.

So, to get back to my point – as I was jogging along, dressed in my deeply ordinary dog-walking clothes, I realised that I don’t care what I look like to anyone else. I am thrilled to be feeling energetic enough to talk my dogs for two jog/walks a day. I am very pleased with how far I can go (on the flat) without puffing and moaning like Eeyore. I am deeply satisfied to notice a gradual streamlining of parts of my silhouette. It’s all about me – how healthy and fit I feel, how comfortable I am inside my own skin, how much energy I have to tackle my life. It may have taken me twenty-hum years to discard the labels I picked up during childhood and adolescence, and to fight off the unfavourable comparisons that are made so easy by images in the media, but by crikey I am getting there!

And thanks go to friends like Tink and KissMyFrog, whose personal transformations are so inspiring – it’s all about them, too.


6 thoughts on “It’s All About Me

  1. Good on you!!It is hard to believe that the way our parents may have seen us can colour our lives. I believed I had no common sense for years until one day I realised if I could run a very challenging programme for a class of 32 very challenging grade 5/6s then I must have at least a little bit of CS!!
    Your gaining health is a fabulous thing and now I imagine you as a cross between the running in your singlet and shorts Chariots of Fire men and Forrest Gump-in a very nice girly way!!

  2. Inspiring post! I’m working toward that goal of being happy with me as well. I have the hardest time with the media because they’ll tell you a girl’s height and estimated weight and pant size and then I start thinking, “She’s my height and my age. Why am I not a size 0 as well? How did she get to be 10 pounds thinner than I am?” I always have to remind myself that celebrities have no 9-5 job and can spend 5 hours in a gym and hire a personal nutritionist to make all their meals. It’s just good to hear of someone else who’s being healthy and not worrying about appearances but about how good *you* feel.

  3. this is wonderful! Great post! I’m realising as I get older I care less about such things. I’m not there yet but I’m seeing it begin to happen and it is very liberating!

  4. Wonderful to have such an epiphany. It’s amazing how long the stereotypes and comments of the world have such a hold on us. I’m working on mine, not there yet but making some progress. Best of luck with continuing on your path of discovery and appreciation of YOU!

  5. Thanks, chickdee. I had a similar epiphany last year when somebody asked me who I was trying to impress with all this excercise business (why, yes, that’s the word I generally use in connection with this person, too). I wasn’t trying to impress anybody, I was doing it for ME (mind you, ‘ME’ has fallen off the wagon somewhat over the last couple of months, but I’m back on it now).

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