We have cast off!!*

I have been doing some – wait for it, prepare yourselves, have a seat and grab the smelling-salts – finishing!!!

First my MIL’s third teacosy:

and second my Huger Thujas for the MOMD:

Yesterday at snb I worked on a little baby cardi (many babies around at the moment) until my hands couldn’t take the cotton any more, then I worked on my Clapotis until my brain couldn’t take the monotony any more. I have pulled out the wrong-sized Poipool sock and am ready to start again, and have dived into the stash for some other unfinished business.

Wish me luck!!

*(I hope you read the blogtitle in a NASA accent)

4 thoughts on “We have cast off!!*

  1. I didn’t the first time but I scrolled back up and gave it my best drawl!!!
    Love the Huger Thujas: the socks, the excellent modelling, the name!!
    Oh lovely tea cosy!!
    Sounds like you have your mojo back!!!

  2. Had the right intonation the first time 🙂
    Well done on finishing items whilst children are on school holidays, my knitting has slowed almost to a halt at the moment and they’re still at school/kinder!

  3. Oh – well done

    I have some holidays now – just as the kids are finishing theirs – sigh – and this means knitting (and unfortunately, housework) so I should be able to provide PoK as well!

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