Breaking Radio Silence

We have had a few connectivity issues in the Castle of Knitting Knightly, but I have hopes that these have been resolved and will not be repeated in the future. Since Providence helps those who help themselves, I am doing what I can to ensure these hopes become a reality by switching from the major Australian ISP to someone else about whom I hear nothing but good, even when I speak to the pickiest of my digitally-minded acquaintances.

In the meantime I have occasionally picked up my husband’s sock, such that I have turned the heel and have even finished the gusset since last I blogged, which means that I am footing away and looking forward to toeing the finish line. (Ha – with puns like those, I should admit to a couple of glasses of white wine lest anyone think it doesn’t get any better) I have done a few rows on my Myrtle but have discovered a stitch count problem in one lace panel, so I have downloaded the latest version and will recheck all numbers when I have not had a couple of very nice glasses of Four Sisters Sauv Blanc Chardy.

I have also begun the decrease on my Clapotis, and have a mental image of being able to proclaim it finished before my daughter’s fourth birthday – which would make it roughly four years go-to-whoa, but I really want it done and over and around my cold cold shoulders!!

The weather here is wintry. I was delighted to read that we are expecting 16* tomorrow – I may even manage to dry some washing without resorting to either the dryer or an airing rack in front of the heater! Even my children, acclimatised as they are to the point of immunity to the Hobart temperatures, have begun to accept the wisdom of long sleeves and long pants – a parental battle which has been protracted, exhausting and has from time to time appeared entirely futile.

This past week was the first week of the May/June school holidays for my son and I – public schools finish tomorrow, although DD#2’s school has a pupil free day tomorrow, so I have all three (barring play dates) from tomorrow am. I have spent the past four days dealing with my current ISP (and signing up for a new one after a particularly aggravating hour on the phone trying to work out why the ISP servers were not recognising my new password etc), sorting out next term’s childcare gaps, having the oven fixed, getting a haircut (oh the glory of being able to look my hairdo in the follicles again!!), sorting out swimming lessons for the two week break, going to the gym and walking the dog. We went to the Dogs’ Home on Sat and picked out a new friend for Ziggy, and will pick her up on Tuesday after she has been snipped and checked over. Introductions next week. I may have managed to do some washing in there too. Work has been on hold until we were finally reconnected last night, and knitting happened in front of the tv (which could explain my lace stitch-count woes….) There has been some blog-reading, and catching up on discussions on Rav.

ETA: I forgot to mention that the yoga teacher did not turn up yesterday so an instructor offered us Core instead.  She is 5 1/2 months pregnant, and there is nothing as motivating as trying to keep up with an extremely fit instructor with a sizeable baby bump in front as she runs through her third class for the evening. I’m starting to stiffen up – if a police raid suddenly entered the house demanding that I put my hands in the air I would be in big trouble… those push-ups are really starting to haunt me!!!

Anyway, I am back in the saddle, I have multiple bars on my wifi connection icon, my knitting is handy and the tea and chocolate are closer still.

It’s good to be back.


5 thoughts on “Breaking Radio Silence

  1. Nice to have you back! Sounds like you have been busy, was wondering how the school holidays were going. Curious as to the names of both of your ISP’s now as we have had our turns of fun with ours….

  2. Core Blimey!! I will join you but I can move one arm!! We’re Jake the Peg, but with arms!!
    Glad your connectivity is all sorted out. I know a few people with ISP issues.
    Silly stitch counts, hope the wine sorted them out and How Exciting, a new Dog at your house. Lucky Dog and Lucky Ziggy!!I will be thinking of you all and looking forward to a picture or 42!!!

  3. Welcome back!

    Myrtle is definitely not knitting for TV watching (ask me how I know!!). The wine may not have helped either!! LOL

    As for the Clapotis – you can do it! Go, KK, go!

  4. Glad to hear you got everything sorted out with your ISP. They can be a real pain! And, unfortunately, so much of what we do depends on them being, well, dependable.

    I can’t wait to see the finished Clapotis. I love mine!

  5. Thanks folks 🙂

    I am online, apparently properly disconnected by ISP#1 and well-connected by ISP#2.

    I actually didn’t feel too bad after Core, and if the rumour of an evening class turns into truth, I may even add it to my routine…

    My Clapotis has been awaiting my pleasure whilst I work on other things, but the urge to finish is strong!!

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