Happy Mother’s Day!

I had a nice, normal day today – kids, housework, weekend blog-reading – but also some specials: lots of cuddles and good wishes from my children this morning, with associated presents of the bought at school/made at school or care kind – a mug with handprint, a photo card, lots of pictures, some toiletries (I must take a picture of the cow soap!). The MOMD went shopping and brought home nice bread, ham, goat’s cheese, dips etc for making yummy lunches, and a box full of the kind of small cakes you can buy at the fancy French patisserie – afternoon tea and dessert, even with 5 appetites in the house!

I snuck in some sock knitting (his 2nd Thuja), and purchased the latest Yarn Forward for myself. Nice, calm, ordinary family day, with treats. My favourite kind of Mother’s Day. I hope you had your favourite kind too.


2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. What a lovely day. Sometimes a little of what you fancy is just what you need. Oh I love our French patisserie, I am a sucker fro tiny cakes and pastries in a special box!!

  2. I had dinner out with WM, DD, SIL and GS#1 on Saturday night (WM paid) and an afternoon tea cruise on the Nepean River yesterday – a lovely gift from DD, SIL AND GS#1!

    DD seemed to enjoy her first Mothers’ Day too.

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