Sometimes I wonder why…

children do the things they do. And then I remember that we are all programmed to learn the hard way.

Case in point: DD#1 (7 yrs old, up till now considered to be fairly bright) receives hot water bottle, filled rather full of very hot water by her father. Does not put it further down the bed to warm up her middle or feet – no, she cuddles it with bare arms and ten minutes later complains that they feel burnt. I suggest that skin contact is not a good idea, and she should wrap it in her blankie and use it to keep her feet warm. She says she wants to have it under her pillow, I bid her goodnight and leave. Fifteen minutes later there is low-level wailing coming from the top bunk. As it doesn’t seem to be fading away when ignored, I go to see what the problem is. DD#1 decided to use the hot water bottle as a pillow, did wrap it once with a thin cotton blankie, then lay on it on her side and half-cooked her ear. I bring her to the kitchen to inspect the ailing organ, which is a charming shade of strawberry pink, and produce an ice-pack from the freezer, wrap carefully in a clean and fluffy teatowel, and send her to bed with the instruction to take it off her ear once it starts to freeze. I have not heard any further wailing, but will be checking on her extras soon.

Really. Hot water bottle leads to ice-pack. It’s a vicious cycle.


3 thoughts on “Sometimes I wonder why…

  1. I have a hot water bottle cover I knitted ten years ago and I believe it keeps the water warm all the way through till the morning!! Hope all ears, feet, legs etc are cool and pale again!!

  2. They can get nasty burns from Hot Water bottles and wheat bags too. I think a knitted cover sounds like an excellent idea.
    Hope her need for extra warmth is short lived or she might have all sorts of pink patches!

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