Is it wrong to covet your husband’s sock?

I finished the first of the Huger Thujas (My project page) for my husband, and (when I close my eyes) I wants it!! The Opal 6ply is thick and squooshy and it really feels like a marvellous sock for winter, especially with good strong boots. The colours aren’t me, but I would surely love some of this in a more knightly colourway – royal purple or blue

Speaking of royal hues, I was at snb yesterday – the first I’ve managed to attend in quite a while – and I cast on for a Myrtle cardigan (Ravlink).

There has been lusting for this pattern for a little whiles, and I had been swatching in some undyed 4ply, but I wasn’t feeling the love.. until fate intervened in the form of a visit to the Moonah wool shop on behalf of Kattwings. As I wandered lonely as a person who was unable to satisfy a friend’s request, I accidentally browsed the shelves, unintentionally noting the new presence of Ashford yarns, and involuntarily grabbing hold of three balls of royal blue 4ply that are just perfect for making this cardi. As you can see, I was also helpless to resist the urge to cast-on immediately. At least this means that the Ashford Mackenzie is not-stash due to being used before I even got it into the house.

Aside from my lack of moral fibre, we had a lovely afternoon, and I also present for your edification two pictures: Jill and her rather bizarre activity – can you guess what it is? (Mouse over for the answer)


4 thoughts on “Is it wrong to covet your husband’s sock?

  1. No, definitely not!! That 6ply always looks great but, like you, it is never in my colour.
    Oh Myrtle is just lovely. I wonder if I have it queued??

  2. Ooo! I love that “mouse over” the answer! So clever! I wonder if I can do it in Blogger!

    I’d want the socks in a knightly colour too!

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