Passing by

The week passed me by, many meetings, some late nights, not enough knitting…

but I am at the toe of the first Huger Thuja, and swatching for a Myrtle cardi, and itching to do some cables, as soon as I get some of this pesky work and housework out of the way.

Please do not comment on this at all, but much of my free time this week was spent looking after my dog, who had to be put to sleep on Thurs. You will understand my desire for demanding projects with lace and cables at a time when I have plenty of work-work to keep me busy.

On the positive side of things, I seem to have washed out most of my cold – I’m singing Monty Python to myself (I like their macabre sense of humour)


3 thoughts on “Passing by

  1. Ahh the cables and lace, certainly something that takes your mind elsewhere. Can’t do mine at the moment they take too much fine control which just can’t happen with worn out wrists from gardening. Mindlessly knitting a purple and green striped 2×2 rib hat instead!

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