From my (overly melodramatic) sickbed

I have a cold in the head. It’s making things a little foggy. I also sound like I’m in training for the national finals of the Creepy Mouth-breathing Phone Stalker Competition. I also sound a bit thick. I have had no cough-syrup assistance with this – it’s all natural. We had flu injections at work on Wed, so of course I got whammied by the germs on Friday afternoon. I would have liked to sook in bed all day, but three children do not create a soothing ambient soundtrack unless glued to the tv screen, and I’m not sick enough to let them do that for ten hours. Today had pottering, and sauteed mushrooms for lunch, and fresh chicken, vege & noodle soup for dinner, lots of cups of tea, and is just about to finish with a hot strong rum toddy. And I thought while I’m sitting in bed sooking away, I should blog.

So, phone pics of WIPs currently lying around on my bed.

  • Skewiff sock.
  • Knitty pattern.
  • Heirloom Jigsaw 4ply sockyarn.
  • Some funky colourway or other.
  • 2.5mm Harmony dpns.
  • Tweedy Garter Stitch Swingy Cardi
  • Deeply cool pattern from someone’s excellent blog
  • Paton’s Shadow Tweed (rescued from cheap box at LYS)
  • Red/Purple/Navy
  • 6.5mm Clover circs

  • Huger Thujas
  • Knitty pattern.
  • Opal 6ply (gifted from Tink)
  • Some manly colour scheme
  • 3.25 mm(or maybe 3.5mm, I don’t remember and really can’t be bothered checking right now)

4 thoughts on “From my (overly melodramatic) sickbed

  1. You poor thing, I know exactly how you feel. How you have the strength to be up and about I don’t know!! Mind you, I can walk The Labradors!!!
    Oh The GSSS is lovely and a bargain to boot.
    Hope you recover quickly!!

  2. Get well soon. I have not had a cold for years and have had two in the last few weeks! Bleh! Sympathy and empathy heading your way. *hugs*

  3. Ah that just sucks. Hope the bugs fly away soon and bypass the rest of the family completely. If it’s any consolation the knitting looks great!!

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