Waving, not (quite) drowning…

Home early today to look after a child who was apparently unwell this morning but seems remarkably sparky to me, so I have had time to bring in and sort three baskets of washing, hang out another, feed dogs, pick sliverbeet, set up the rice cooker, go buy some milk and sit here with my second cuppa catching up on blog posts. Oh and upload some photos (ooh, spark of interest there from the reader??).

Last week, whilst schoolchildren and teachers had a week’s break, I went to Melbourne for a conference (the details of which I shan’t trouble you with), and had some knitting for the plane. I had optimistically packed a couple of things, knowing full well that I wouldn’t have time for any of them during the day and probably scant time in the evenings too, but my main goal was to finish my little soy-cotton cardi. The hour flight over to Melb saw the completion of the second buttonband, and then it languished awaiting about 24 rows of sleeve, until I met with the glorious DrBones for a Friday evening jaunt – a trip to the Wool Baa, where I miraculously did not fall over and swipe my credit card at anything, a cuppa in a cafe in Southbank, a wander to Morris & Sons, fortunately closed so that temptation was impossible, so we stood looking through the window critiquing and deconstructing the displayed garments, downstairs to Dymocks where family prezzies were purchased, then dinner and knitting.

I finally finished my cardi while sitting in Mr Tulk’s cafe at the(Please don't look at the bags under eyes or wrinkled clothes!) State Library of Victoria on Saturday morning, as my boss and I talked over things we’d heard/seen at the conference, things we plan to do as follow up, and which shop to go to next. My boss kindly grappled with my camera to take a picture of me wearing it, scarcely a minute after weaving in the end (notice I didn’t say “last end” – I had done all others beforehand so I could finish and flourish immediately).

*** amusing KIP anecdote! One of the waitresses commented on my knitting, was very intrigued (is it for a child? Reply: no, it’s very stretchy), and went on to say that she had just put a $45o knee-length handknit poncho on lay-by, but as a sculptor she couldn’t (Me: wouldn’t???) learn to knit one herself ***

The shop we went to is called Husk, and I suggest you don’t go there unless you have a very generous disposable income, because it stocks many many beautiful things such as this hand-crafted crochet stole, which is done in a fine thread like strands of embroidery floss, and is priced at something like the value of the hours of work that must have gone into it – something over $440 I think it was. (That should bring some ‘aha! it can be done!’ reactions from those who decry the slave-wages paid to third world workers who crochet embellishments for exploitative brands).

My last pic for today demonstrates the essentials every professional gal

should have handy when sitting in the airport waiting for a delayed plane:


5 thoughts on “Waving, not (quite) drowning…

  1. A very good trip knitting wise I would say. It does look very nice on you. The crocheted scarf looks beautiful and must have taken a very long time to make.

  2. I fear I didn’t phrase things very well – the conference was great, I really enjoyed going, and I have an enormous list of things to do as follow-ups, and a nice new list of virtual colleagues to consult with – but I thought that since most of my blog-pals are not classroom teachers or teacher librarians I would leave the work stuff out.
    Would it help if I told you I was the 4th most active tweeter??

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