My Dance Card is Full (and looking a little tatty too)

Forgive me folks if I have neglected you. While there have been pockets of time in my week, somehow the will to blog was not there, as I grappled with various extras.

Monday and Tuesday were conference/workshop days, with Stephen Heppell, who asked us to think about how we can rethink our roles and goals as teachers to bring to our classrooms a more collaborative, creative, interactive and global approach to education. Monday night was the conference dinner, during which there was half an hour of the most incredible opera solos performed by a home-grown yet internationally renowned soprano Carmen Young – click here to stream an example of her singing (although ‘singing’ seems altogether too small a word to capture the skill with which she wields her voice).

Wed and Thurs were business as usual at school, but with a great deal of mucking around getting ready for the Easter break (we have a week off, plus the Easter weekend), and for messing around when we come back because the Library staff will be doing training and really, why am I yattering on about this on my knitting blog???

Suffice it to say that work was busy. Then I went out to the staff social dinner on Thurs night, which was very enjoyable – it can make such a big difference to relax and be informal and not just passing messages or discussing students… oh no. More work. Switch off woman!!!

So. Friday. Good Friday to be precise. Well, as this is a household with three children, and a public holiday simply means the weekend has arrived sooner, there was washing. Rather a lot. Also some gardening. We may even have wreaked almighty destruction upon the curcubits. From this point of the year until the Spring Equinox the designated vege patch only receives a few hours of direct sunlight, and rampaging pumpkin vines transmogrify themselves into mouldy, mildewing havens of rot and disease, so this year I made a pre-emptive strike. Only those vines with something that might possibly be a viable fruit on the end have been allowed to live, all others are long gone. I am hoping that the increased airflow and reduced competition will encourage the ruby chard and the string beans to rock on for another month.

Saturday had a baking-filled morning, scones and three trays of bikkies. (Putting the lid on the tin and moving it out of reach. Home-made bikkies are just so good!) Afternoon had a trip to the Botanic Gardens to catch up with a friend from our early days in Tasmania, who I see from time to time in the car park as we pick up our respective offspring from after school care. The children were terribly excited to see the enormous old carousel (steam driven, I believe) that is currently in residence, and kept making hopeful reminders all the way around the gardens until we were back with view. There was eventually a ride for each of them, including the MOMD, but at $5 each one ride was enough spent on a cheap day out.

Sunday was welcomed at an entirely respectable hour by our three children (and oh how we appreciate them waiting until daylight) who pattered up and down the hallway and rooms in the house searching out the gifts so generously left by the Easter Bunny. By all appearances he had enjoyed the milk and carrots left out for him – he even left fancy eggs for the grown-ups! (No I won’t show you mine. Let me just say that it WAS wrapped in gold foil and labelled 70% superfine dark chocolate and let you draw your own conclusions). Then we got up to see their spoils and happened to glance out the front window and spied some bright colours upon the front lawn too!! (The Easter Bunny is too smart to try tangling with the two dogs in the backyard, and he knows that just magically skipping past wouldn’t work, because they would eat the easter eggs and be sick from the chocolate, so he just visits our front yard) So we had some excited dancing around on the damp grass, and then a big sharing out of the spoils, and a little egg for each child before breakfast. I took the dogs for a nice long walk and returned via two bakeries – #1 did not have any hot cross buns ready!!! – for a late and leisurely breakfast. A spot of knitting with paper was interrupted by a desperate desire to get out and get my hands on some dirt (autumn does take me that way), so I spent some time pruning shrubs and forking in sheep manure and compost in a new garden bed, ready to put some decorative veges into the front yard – as I mentioned before, the existing vege patch gets no sunlight all winter, but the front yard faces north and has lots of sunlight (relatively speaking) so we are going for the potager look in some of our garden beds.

Then came lunch, and some reading of a very interesting gardening book (Growing Vegetables South of Australia – I highly recommend it to anyone in Tasmania) and then pruning of dogs – fur only of course, what kind of person do you take me for? – and more washing, and some raking, then dinner preparations, and a little shuffling of tubs in the yarn area.

Which brings me to knitting. There hasn’t been much. I have many items requiring a little rethink, perhaps some moderate ripping, and in a few cases there may even be a deluge of frogging on the cards. But with so much stepping-back required, I’m having a hard time bringing myself to pick up the needles.

I’m also cranky because my glorious purple Poipool Pieds socks are not going to be on my feet within the week. I got stuck into them on Friday, and was cranking out the knitting getting down to the heel, and comparing lengths of second to first sock, when I noticed something odd. Checking of notes confirmed it: First sock is bigger at the cuff than second sock because I started it on 2.75mm to get it to stretch around the base of my calf, then switched to 2.5mm needles for the last repeat at the ankle to snug it back in nicely, and then zoomed on down the foot. Since avoidance of SSS requires casting on sock #2 immediately upon casting off sock #1, I did so – on the smaller needles. I noted down quite clearly on the photocopy of the chart that that was what I did, but obviously did not bother to read my own notes. Note to self: do not bother making notes if you aren’t going to take the time to read them later when doing so might save you a great deal of pain and suffering.

So. Now I am going to put a large number of WIPs and UFOs out for consideration, see whether it will be feasible to put a buttonband on my soy-cotton cardi and think some more about sleeve length tonight and tomorrow, and pack my knitting for a trip to Melb to a conference about computers in education. While I don’t expect to be knitting during presentations, there will be airports and planes (yay for the relaxed rules!!) and hanging around times wherein I might have half a chance of knitting something – anything – pleeeeaaassseee!

Oh and I already have a date to see the charming Dr Bones before returning home – knit blog pals – SQUEEEE!!!

NB no pics because if I wait to do pics then this will never go up.


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