For my deeply interested friends…

here is a very very bad night-time webcam pic of my current progress. It is faintly possible to see that the cast on edge is a dark purply burgundy, the middle rows are red, and the current working edge is a royal purple. This colourway basically cycles through a navy/purple/red/purple/navy kind of thing, with not much of the navy (more like a dusky navy-ish berry tone). See why it gives me the happy?

The mums will no doubt notice a small pair of legs in the hallway. At almost 8:30pm Miss 3 3/4 is still struggling to come to terms with the necessity of bedtime. She has been struggling with a variety of things recently – her turn to unpack the knives and forks from the dishwasher, helping to pack up toys, having a shower, getting dry, getting dressed, cleaning her teeth, sleeping in her own bed, putting her plate/bowl/spoon/fork/cup/rubbish away…. Many things in her life are onerous and aggravating, and she does her best to share her frustrations with us – at length, and at volume. She has come late to the tantrum-throwing stage, but is making up for lost time by vigorously pursuing both quantity and quality. We are grateful for the practice our first daughter gave us on dealing with ferocious tantrums.

But for now, if you will excuse me, Grey’s Anatomy is on the tv and I have some knitting to do.


7 thoughts on “For my deeply interested friends…

  1. I noticed the little legs. Isn’t life so unfair at times???
    I can see why your knitting gives you the happy and I love that turn of phrase too!!!

  2. Oh, dear! I had forgotten. Now that DD has GS#1 (only five weeks old), I guess I’m about to be reminded.

    Enjoy the knitting happiness.

  3. Ah you managed to get to 3+ wow they must be good tanties she’s been saving up. I reckon the longer you wait for them the worse they are. Master Tyler is a fan of the whole not going to bed thing, our trouble at the moment is we want to take his naps away so he’ll go to sleep when his brothers do but he just can’t stay awake if you put him in the car or pram after 3 and we have at least got school pickup every day if not kinder as well poor kid falls asleep every time which means sleep time for a night is about 9pm which sucks. Hope your little miss sorts herself out quickly for you.

  4. I am delighted to see that parents are still totally oppressive, the poor, wee much put-upon mite.

    Hang in there, she will grow out of it, and you will survive.

    I remember one young daughter of friends – a little older, admittedly, coming home from the first day of school and moaning, step by step, upstairs to her room. She had had to spend part of the day writing her name, and her unthinking and callous parents had given her TOO LONG A NAME . She was ‘motionally and fizzyly ‘zausted !!

  5. Afterthought: each of my two, pigeon pair, now 43 and 41, has independently, at some time in late childhood or early adolescence, observed the behaviour of some little ‘darling’ or other, turned to me and asked “Would you have EVER let me behave like that?”, and then expressed great relief when told a definite NO. So, be assured, in the long run, no real harm will be done to the, ahem, fragile little psyche of the victim of oppression. One occasion, never to be forgotten, waiting for service in a country general store, while the mother of the small female feral gossiped with the storekeeper, the little treasure dealt with her boredom by hitting and kicking my son (then about 12). He, being a cluey lad, totally ignored the assaults, and just stood solidly (believe me, SOLID) and stared at a point over the little horror’s head. Mother made no attempt to control the child. Erich’s scorn for the child’s behaviour was about equal to his scorn for her ability to land a telling blow!!

  6. And a not-particularly close friend (mother of 2 boys) had invited me, and a few others for afternoon tea, way, way back in the late 60’s.
    The two boys (names slightly altered to Rotten and Stupid) were constantly rampaging through the living room, grabbing at the back of chairs to facilitate tight turns, yelling like banshees.
    Mum’s reaction: Just wait ’till you get to school, the Nuns will sort you two out! I would have had their guts for garters!!
    I am sure you have already guessed that some parents leave their children completely uncivilised and unsocialised and let the ‘Poor Bloody Infantry’ sort the little dears out.
    I remember being told by the mother of a hellion of a three yo that he was ‘too young’ to understand the word ‘NO’.

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