Birthday cakes to burrrnn!

(Which had better not be prophetic, else I shall turn profane…)

Yesterday my darling daughter turned 7. We had a party in a great park overlooking the Hobart waterfront – it has a huge ship play-structure in an enormous sandpit, plus a few other treats like a tilted spinning wheel thing, and a massive rope hammock swing. The party-goers ran around played games, ate, had party games, ran around, did presents and cake and then ran around some more. A great way to run a 7yr old’s party!

She wanted a chocolate cake with hot-pink icing, which she had, but she also wanted to take a cake to school to share. Since there is an egg-free policy at her school, this made things a little trickier. Tonight I used my google-fu to find a recipe for chocolate cake that uses the combined powers of bi-carb soda and vinegar to be the raising agents. The cake is still in the oven, but the batter tasted fine, so as long as it rises all should be well!

Happy birthday sweetie – your gaps are gorgeous, and so are you 🙂


5 thoughts on “Birthday cakes to burrrnn!

  1. Happy birthday KnightlyKnitterling.

    I think I’ve been to that park; I’m pretty sure we stayed there over night in our rented motorhome – DD was aged 10 and so excited about the play equipment! Sandy Bay?

  2. Hope your eggless cake turned out – it’s very similar to the one that is my standby as I have a life-threatening egg allergy. If you want, I can send you an eggless white cake recipe. Just let me know.

  3. Happy Birthday to a beautiful 7 year old, so wonderful that the weather was appropriate for an outdoors party and the park sounds perfect too!!

  4. Thank you everyone 🙂
    Apparently the cake was good – I am told that it will be ok to make it again.
    Lynne, the park you are talking about is further down – we were at the Battery Point park just up from Salamanca. The one at lower Sandy Bay has recently been re-done, so I’m not sure whether the ship is still there.

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