My brother was married on Sawtell Headland on Saturday, and my beautiful daughters were flowergirls.

My son announced the newlyweds at the reception.

It was lovely to have so much of my family gathered for such a joyful reason. I wish my brother and his wife every happiness.


5 thoughts on “Blessings

  1. You children look gorgeous. What an honour they were all given; I am particularly appreciative of the tact shown in including your son in such a special way. Congratulations to your family and especially to the bride and groom.

  2. Congrats to the new member of the family and to all of the existing members for their part in the day. Well done on finishing the dresses in time they look lovely. Does the absence of a photo of you indicate the shawl didn’t quite make it in time or is getting it’s own post?

  3. Thank you! The girls (and dresses) were a hit, my son spoke well, and I didn’t need the shawl in the muggy weather (which is good because it isn’t finished – the saga continues…)

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