8+ metres of broderie anglaise and voile – two dresses, two daughters, one wedding on Sat…

twenty rows of shawl to go, two work days, two plane flights, 6 hour car drive before the wedding on Sat – I’ll get there…

I am not forgetting you all, faithful readers, I’m just trying to tackle the most urgent jobs first!


6 thoughts on “Evidence

  1. You will make it, its amazing what we can accomplish when we have to. Remember you can finish the shawl on the plane.

    Have fun on saturday, we want to see pics of the shawl and dresses!

  2. That looks suspiciously like the material is still, well, material. If I was closer I’d offer to help convert it to dresses. Best of luck for completion on all projects and don’t forget Fathers and Brothers are capable of wielding a sewing needle to do hems if they are required……my brothers are well aware of this fact after the high speed construction of my little sister’s deb dress.

  3. Thank you all!!
    Lengths have been checked, hems pinned (one sewn); tomorrow skirts will meet bodices, and any remaining hems/zippers can await my mum’s sewing machine.

    Oh and I have an extra hour at school for a talk on alcohol, drugs and bullying, then son’s cricket game to deal with, plus bags to pack.

    It never rains but it pours… though thankfully not climatically speaking today 🙂

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