bring on the weekend please

sewing flowergirl dresses
knitting border of shawl
I’d like a nice little holiday, thanks

and we saw feet on a table in the bookstore!


6 thoughts on “bring on the weekend please

  1. Oh, feet on a table!!!
    You are so busy and you have been so good, let’s say you can have not this Monday, but the next one off!!!

  2. Would that be where the wild things are perhaps? If I can find time to wash my disgusting hair, I’m pretty sure I’ll feel better about life in general. Wishing you time to shower daily despite your busy schedule! Isn’t that the nicest gift one mom can wish for another? 😉

  3. Thank you thank you thank you!
    I accept the Monday-after-next holiday with great pleasure – we will be recovering from mad dash to mainland for brother’s wedding (thus flowergirl dresses).
    The feet were deeply cool, and I am going to interrogate a couple of gangsta knittas of my acquaintance to see whether they had anything to do with it.
    And there are no 7:30pm meetings for me next week – I begged off the optional one 🙂
    I’ll blog more soon – but not now, because I’m one glass in to a lovely little rosé, and have thrown all mature thought processes to the wind!!

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