Back we are and back I go…

As may have guessed, we are back from our little trip away. We went to Stahan (pronounced straawwn) for 3 nights, camping in our brand new tent, which was lots of fun! The weather was beautiful, and we went on a cruise up the Gordon River through a National Heritage area and learnt lots about the history of the area and why Huon Pine is so special, and then the next day we took the bus to Queenstown (mining town, the moon-scape has to be seen to be believed) to catch the restored Great Western Railway steam train back to Strahan, learning about the history of mining in the area, how to pan for gold, and that steam trains are stronger than diesel trains!

After Strahan we headed up to Latrobe to visit the lovely Tinkingbell and her family for four days. There were kids running around playing games, adults having a turn on the Wii after the kids went to bed, a fluctuating population of children in the tent, a lot of exclaiming over the gorgeous things in Tink’s stash, plenty of sitting and knitting and chatting, and the occasional sugar-free dark-chocolate coated roasted almond or glass of wine. Tink’s family received their very belated Chrissy prezzies, and Tink gave me a couple of knitterly goodies. Tink and I went for a long walk one morning, we took the whole mob to Tasmazia another day (four hours running around mazes – fabulous!) and on our last day visited the Anvers chocolate factory (yum) and then Narawntapu National Park for a walk and a talk on wombats and how to spot their burrows.

On Saturday we bid Tink Happy Birthday and left them to their weekend, and headed into Launceston to catch up with Cindy 2paw over lunch. She had prezzies for everyone, and I gave her a little knitted purse made from a pattern in Little Andean Knits. Pics to follow – I have to dash to work!

It was a lovely break, I am glad we made the effort to go and do it. There will be more camping in our future!

6 thoughts on “Back we are and back I go…

  1. I didn’t wash and steam my little bag straight away- Dude, where’s my brain?? That’s what I’m calling my next post!!!I love it!! It was so nice to catch up with you and your lovely family!!
    I lived in Queenstown for a while, and my friend was teaching in Strachan.

  2. Welcome home. Sounds like you had a great time. I loved Strahan and Macquarie Harbour – unfortunately it was a grey day for our tour on the Gordon River and trip to Sarah Island! ;-(

    DD, then 10yo, loved Tazmazia!

  3. Loved Cindy’s bag. I see this post mentions “Little Andean Knits.” Can’t find any mention of a title like this anywhere. Can find Andean Folk Knits by Marcia Lewandowski at the Book Bepository and elsewhere. Is this it? If not can you please give some more info? Thanks muchly.

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