The problem with being on holidays….

is that having so much unscheduled time, the days just roll on and suddenly I find there’s less than two weeks till I go back to work, and I’ve blogged even less than usual!

So recently I:

  • was thrilled with the swift the MOMD made for me
  • was planning to go to my knitting group’s dyeing day to show it off
  • was not thrilled when my son woke up feeling fluey and coughing dreadfully on that morning
  • had my own dye fun at home
  • enjoyed playing with my stash
  • had a family day out around Salamanca on Sunday, including discovering the Mona Foma festival/exhibition/event, which was bizarre and much fun
  • played with the vege patch
  • am picking lots of apricots, though not as many as last year – I was pretty ruthless with the pruning and thinning in spring
  • have picked up an old UFO – top-down raglan cotton cardi for daughter – and am motoring along on that
  • have been reading actual books
  • sorted out two types of childcare and a dancing lesson
  • have been for lots of walks, some of them even strenuous!
  • went to the gym, did a full weights session, and am still aching
  • coddled my poor dog Holly, who had four back teeth removed. If only she’d learnt to floss at a young age.

(mouseover for names; food dye on cream 4ply)

Next up: a day and a half of prep for school resuming, some dashing around, and then off to the West Coast to camp for four days, then up to Latrobe till the weekend to visit the glorious Tink and her family, catch Cindy 2paw on the way back down, and back to work on Monday 1st Feb.

Can I have a snooze first?


6 thoughts on “The problem with being on holidays….

  1. Sounds like my holidays. So much nothing going on that nothing goes on!! Although am managing to fit some of the tennis in! Have a great trip.

  2. What problem?? Sleep?? Who needs sleep?? Sounds like you are having a fabulous time, regardless of the blips!!
    Oh so exciting, see you anon!!!

  3. handdyed look fantastic!!

    i know there is so much time for chrissie hols yet it just flies by before you get half of it done!!! though i am reaching the point where i am looking forward to the girls going back.

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