I’m on holidays, and yet I feel like I have even less time for blogging than ever! Perhaps it is because term-time has it’s own daily and weekly routines, and things are done there-and-then because that’s all the time I have, whereas during the holidays I am less bound by the clock or calendar, and more likely to get on with that job that I’ve been putting off, or to make playdough for my kids, or to dye yarn, than to sit down and blog about it.

I have been rearranging the rumpus room to give myself a little slice of it that can be pointed out as ‘Mine!’ (no small thing for a family of five in a three-bedroom house). That done, I got out/down all boxes and bags of stash/UFOs/WIPs and laid them out for appraisal:

Today I’ve been taking pics and bagging up balls of yarn in weight and fibre groupings, updating my Rav stash details and starting to put it away again. Knitting has been slow while I’ve had everything out, but hopefully once I’ve gotten everything organised and put away, I will feel less intimidated by the volume of it all and tackle it like an elephant – one small piece at a time!

PS 3 1/2 yr old child included for scale.


5 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. I count 12 tubs and innumerable bits and bobs and bags!! No wonder you are distracted. Hope wellness has prevailed at your house??
    I think you have Pre-going-back-to-school urges!!

  2. i have to get new piccies of my mammoth stash at some point. and get it all down to take piccies of it to shove up on Rav so i have SOME form of idea of what i got and how much of it! would make my life easier. sigh. its just a huge huge job!! all want to label the tubs so i know what is where.

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