After a couple of rather warm days (38 and 34 deg C) it is overcast and blustery today, cool enough to wear a shrug inside and make the baking of cupcakes and meatballs a fun task instead of a sweaty chore.

Unfortunately the cupcakes and meatballs are not going to be consumed by knitters and their children at a dye-fest today. Instead they will be packaged up and frozen for later consumption.

Having made the aforementioned cupcakes and meatballs, and skeined and soaked 2 kgs of 4ply wool, and checked the address and got the car back from the mechanic so I could use it today….. my DS woke up with a nasty cough and sore throat and feeling very sorry for himself. There will be small (and very small) children there today, and I cannot drag an unwell child into the car, drive 40 mins, infect everyone else and drive home again. No matter how much I was looking forward to playing with colours and fibres and seeing my friends.

I am feeling a little peevish.


10 thoughts on “Peeved

  1. Oh poor boy, he must be feeling very sad and sorry. Poor you too, these things always seem to happen when you have something special planned: the germs must be bugging your house. I can totally understand your peevedness.

  2. I’m sorry you didn’t get to play with fiber and color 😦 Hope your DS gets better and you get the chance to eat those meatballs and cupcakes!

  3. Poor you! Poor J too, but he’ll get over it in 24-48 hours. You may never recover! (milk it, honey, milk it for all it’s worth)

  4. Thank you my friends! Your depth of understanding makes it all so much easier to bear….

    And I did some dyeing at home, and read funky new-to-me blogs, and went to yoga, and did not clean up the kitchen – I’m feeling good! Wait till you see what I made 🙂

  5. oh no!! i hope your little man is feeling a lot better now!!

    and poor you for not being able to go to play with handdyes!! i love dyeing wool!! might have to organise a get together up here some time soon..

    HUGS to you and hope you get to go play with dyes soon!!

  6. Ugh!! I’ve been there a time or two (or 20). I feel like such a jerk for being completely hacked that one of my little ones chose a bad moment to get sick. But, let’s get serious, does it not seem like they PLAN it sometimes?!?! “What? Mom’s getting out of the house? Quick! Let’s stop this! Bring on the fevers, coughs and runny noses!!!” 😉 O.k. — so they probably don’t plan it, but it stinks all the same. Hope you get a second chance for a grown up play date soon.

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