First week of the new year!

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve all been enjoying the beginning of 2010. I’ve been having a satisfying week, getting stuck into a lot of jobs that were not urgent enough to force myself to do during term time. I’ve also been enjoying family time, and time to cook, and listen to podcasts, and garden, and the occasional spot of knitting.

1. Lavender, 2. Chest freezer, 3. Sewing shelves, 4. washing, 5. iPod speaker dock, 6. Over halfway, 7. Cardi yoke, 8. Plum jam, 9. Seedlings, 10. Lavender and Carnations, 11. Silvanberries, 12. Clean fridge

explanations are in the photo descriptions on my flickr pages. Pretty much self-explanatory though.

PS the fridge is in fact not in another universe at 90* to our own plane of existence. Maybe I should look at my photos after uploading them and before blogging.


8 thoughts on “First week of the new year!

  1. Wow, that’s a pretty fabulous fridge!!! Lovely mosaic of your first week- oh jam!! socks, a cardi!! I see you are really enjoying the holidays!!

  2. Ooo! too industrious for my tastes! Having recently arrived home from three weeks fraught with stress, my plans are for knitting, watching tennis and reading!

  3. Loving the mosaic. So much stuff you have fit in. I’ve even missed the knitting this week while running around finding gas bottles and camping stove hoses and all manner of stuff. Glad to see someone has had a relatively calm and productive week!

  4. Thanks for sharing the pics! I’m jealous of the lavender plant, when I get a house with an actual yard I’m going to plant some of my own. It’s my favorite smell. It looks like it’s warming up where you are. The first snowfall of the year was today which is really early in the season for us (1st snow is usually not until Feb.). I’m freezing tonight!

  5. wow you have been up to a lot!!

    now i got my house back i am hoping to get onto things that i have been missing out on with extra people.

    my fruit trees are letting me down at the moment fruitwise! waiting for the greengages and peaches to ripen!

    knitting of course fabulous! jam jealous..ya can keep the lavender though..never liked the stuff and Adam is allergic! lol

  6. Ye gods – you made jam? In January? And you didn’t die of cooking-induced heatstroke? I am soooo moving to Tassie! Andrew and the boys can stay here or not, as they like.

  7. I’m in awe of your completed purple sock. I’m suffering from purple sock block as I’ve started the darn things at least three times now. I’m hoping the 4th time will be the charm. Also, I’m completely in love with the mermaid sock. May have to put it on my (endless) to-be-knit list. šŸ™‚

  8. Thanks everyone! I don’t feel that industrious, because there is a whole lot of sitting at the computer playing Ravelry pattern-bingo in between chores, but at least some things get done!! (and Rav-bingo is such fun!!!)

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